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1. Where is the biggest place you currently feel stuck when it comes to your relationship with yourself, your relationship with your body, self-care, etc.? *

2. What do you really want when it comes to your relationship with your body, self care routine, your sense of self as a woman, your yoga practice, and your self expression?

(if you are not exactly sure, just go with the first thing that comes to mind. There is no wrong answer and nothing is set in stone) *

3. My mission is to take you on a personal journey of discovery to connect you with yourself and what you really want. I work best with women who are passionate about their own inner discovery and willing, open and available to explore a relationship with themselves that opens up new possibilities and growth.

What is your relationship to your own inner development?

How important is your inner discovery to you? *

4. Are you willing to grow beyond any of your current limitations/rules? *

5.How do you sense choosing to do the Yoga'licious Private Program could support you in creating what you want? 

Why is it essential for you to receive one-on-one support?

Or what interests you in that? *

6. Are you willing to commit to yourself and invest in yourself in this way? *

7. What question(s) come to mind when you think about potentially choosing to do the Yoga'licious Private Program?  (if none, you can leave blank)

8. What would you most like to receive from our call together, and anything else you want to share? *

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